Maradon is a world that is recovering from an epic struggle between two great empires; this struggle utterly destroyed one empire and caused the government and society of the winning empire to utterly collapse. In this campaign the players are going to swept up into conflicts both political and martial that will shape the destiny of kingdoms.

Maradon is a world in flux, in the recent past two great empires fought a long and brutal war until the great Eastern Imperium resorted to the fellest of sorceries and destroyed itself when the ritual was thwarted by the Creator and his celestial host

The Players are subjects living in the small kingdom of Khera (pronounced care uh) along the eastern most edge of the Old Confederations borders, this small kingdom is on the brink of war with it’s southern neighbor Barad (Pronounced bar ad). Barad is a larger more populous kingdom and if war comes it is likely to be short, as Barad’s army is larger and better equipped than Khera’s forces.

A Brief History of Maradon

In The East the great Confederation expanded to encompass the entirety of the East, only the massive mountain range known as the Spine which separates the Eastern and Western portions of the continent kept the Confederacy from expanding to the West… The Westerners also formed a great nation and eventually the two great powers came into conflict. The West had traditionally been gifted with more powerful mages, whereas the East had depended on man’s innate ingenuity. As the war continued on both powers found themselves evenly matched.

The war continued on for generation upon generation, the west’s might in magic, ably countered by the east’s ingenuity and abundance of manpower. Finally after eight generations of warfare the West began to lose ground, the High Cabal decided that to prevent the eventual defeat of their forces they would gamble everything on a powerful ritual that would destroy the Eastern invaders, this ritual was costly as it required the sacrifice of living men and women and lengthy, when the climax of the ritual was nigh the Gods of Maradon intervened and the failed rituals backlash killed virtually every living thing in the West and rendered a great portion of the west a desolate waste.

In the wake of the East’s victory it was evident that the generations of warfare had broken the back of the civilian provinces that comprised the confederacy had become unable to function without the military, that comprised with the disbanding of some many confederate legions created a massive economic depression in the realms of the east. Military generals stepped in to stabilize the situation and eventually the military districts and the generals that managed them became kingdoms, within a few years several of these small kingdoms began warring amongst themselves. Some over old grudges and bad blood between the old military commanders and some over resources and territory.

In the course of the centuries of constant warfare, much of the East’s technological advances had become lost, and certainly their were few new advances.. Only in the pursuit of warfare was any new technology discovered, mostly in refined forging techniques and the mass production of the implements of war. Quickly however the land was depleted of much of it’s natural resources, metal deposits, once easily obtained now required dangerous work to obtain. Game and Wildlife had become rare as the massive farms necessary to support armies in the field took away from the natural woods of the kingdoms.

The Shortage of material coupled with the influx of so many men onto the economy lead to massive food shortages, which led to riots and unrest and finally plagues and death, within a decade of the wars end nearly a quarter of the East’s population lay dead, devastated by civil war and pestilence. As the years went on the kingdoms of the east grew further and further apart, isolation mitigated some of the difficulties of plague, only exceptionally close neighboring kingdoms were traded with and only then if there was amiable relations. In this atmosphere of chaos and unrest much of the East’s remaining advances were destroyed, some lost to the ages others destroyed by rivals to deprive their enemy of their use. Gradually the rival generals passed on their territories to their son’s an thus began new kingdoms. Nine generation’s have passed and there is very little contact between the far-flung and scattered kingdoms of the east.

A Brief Gazetteer of Khera

Founded a mere thirty months after the end of the Great War by an ambitious Captain of the Grand Confederation Legions (Infantry Division), Captain Sevram Khera decided to found his capital city below the established keep, along the shores of the lake that dominated the region. In a proclamation he declared that everything two days ride west and two days ride south was now part of his territory (recently uncovered writings in the Confederation’s old consilum libram suggest that these were the established military districts boundaries). With his military rank and the assistance of some old family friends, Sevram managed to persuade the merchant caravans that had supplied the keep with essential supplies during the war years to keep Khera on the traders caravan circuit, thanks to this and Sevram’s quick exploitation of the region’s timber resources Khera managed to survive it’s early years and began to prosper.

As other kingdoms sprouted up from the old military districts, much as Khera did, Sevram aggressively established diplomatic relations with them and as a result the royal families of these nearby regions have intermarried and are generally related, The current King of Khera, Neville Khera and the Overlord of Khera’s neighbor on it’s southern border Bederan Overlord Marcus Greenan are first cousins..

Khera is a small valley roughly 70 miles wide by 70 miles long, framed on its east side by the Mountain Chain know as the Spine and to its west by a series of rolling hills. Khera’s most prominent Geographic feature is the large freshwater lake that is surrounded by a vast series of forests. Khera’s communities are centered around the lake and most of its inhabitants greatly rely upon the lake’s abundant fish species for sustenance.

Khera: Named for the military captain that claimed the territory in the turbulent years after the end of the Great War. The small fort that was used to house troops injured in the Spine’s many forts and emplacements to secure against an invasion from the east, the keep quickly grew from a military settlement into a small city. The nearby hardwood forests were cleared and large scale cultivation began, The land proved to be particularly good for various grape crops and the region became quickly renowned for it’s many vintages of White and Red wines.

**A Brief Timeline of Khera *
  • Universe in brought in being by Ardeos & the Radiant Host
  • Indeterminate time of prehistory – scholars estimate this at roughly 1,000 to 5,000 years

Year 1 – The Great Imperium standardizes calendar keeping and institutes the Common Reckoning method of keeping track.

C.R. 2430 – Zaranfel’s lie is revealed the splintering of the Eastern and Western churches begins. With the East following the newly revealed Ardeos and the west continuing to venerate Zaranfel.

C.R. 2836 – Tensions between the East and West reach the point where war between the two realms is inevitable, the Great War begins

C.R. 3016 – The Great War ends on the last day of C.R. 3016, the west is wiped from the face of Maredon due to a ritual backlash.

C.R. 3021 – The Eastern Confederacy finally collapses as the influx of soldiers and an already weakened civilian government is unable to deal with the transition from War to Peace, several former generals immediately seize their former military districts placing them under martial law, these quickly become small kingdoms.

C.R. 3031 – The Small Kingdom of Khera is founded by General Sevram Khera

C.R. 3054 – Khera I dies and passes the throne to his eldest son, Morgan Khera the 2nd.

C.R. 3071 – The Kingdom celebrates 50 years of peace since the end of the Great War

C.R. 3084 – Khera II abdicates the throne in favor of his son Stefan Khera.

C.R. 3097 – Khera III “dies” and his son Marcus Khera assumes the throne after a brief period of regency by his Uncle Marcos.

C.R. 3121 – Khera IV is killed falling of his horse during a hunting trip and his son Alexander Khera assumes the throne. – The Kingdom celebrates the Coronation of the new king and 100 years of peace since the end of the Great War.

C.R. 3131 – Khera celebrates its first century as a kingdom with a week long celebration, this occurs during the last week of winter ending on the first day of the year coinciding with War’s End remembrances.

C.R. 3163 – Khera IV after a period of declining health abdicates the throne to his eldest son Lucas Khera

C.R. 3171 – Khera celebrates 150 years of peace since the end of the Great War.

C.R. 3181 – Khera celebrates 150 years as a kingdom. C.R. 3188 – Khera V passes away from an outbreak of plague and does his eldest son and his youngest boy Nicholas assumes the throne.

C.R. 3215 – Khera V abdicates his throne devoting the remainder of his life to composing orchestral compositions in the Chantry temple in Khera City. Halaran assumes the throne

C.R. 3221 – Khera celebrates 200 years since the end of the Great War.

C.R. 3231 – Khera Celebrates 200 years as a kingdom

C.R. 3258 – Khera VI dies in a duel with his brother over a childhood insult, Nathan Khera Halaran’s second (the eldest died avenging his father’s honor) assumes the throne and banishes his Uncle Brunal Anarane and his line from Khera, and they seek refuge in the land of Barad, Khera’s neighbor to the south.

C.R. 3285 – Khera VII dies after eating “tainted” meat, it is widely suspected that Assassin’s from Barad in the employ of the exiled Brunal. Neville Khera assumes the throne.

C.R. 3288 – Relations continue to worsen between Barad and Khera and after various trade embargoes and skirmishes between border guards. War seems imminent.

World of Maradon (War of the Small Kingdoms)